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What is Sedation Dentistry?

There are many reasons why someone may be fearful to visit the dentist. For a lot of people, this fear and anxiety leads to avoiding the dentist entirely. Unfortunately, when pain or swelling gets to the point of a dental emergency it can be a very difficult appointment! Dentists certainly recommend a consistent visit, to the dentist, at least twice a year, to catch any cavities while they’re small, but for those with a dental phobia those regular visits become next to impossible.

There are several levels of sedation available to aid in calming anxiety related to dental care.  They include:

  • Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”
  • Oral medication
  • IV medication
  • Deep sedation

The most common is the use of nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas’. Since it’s a gas that’s inhaled through the nose it’s very fast-acting. You’re still aware of your surroundings but you don’t care as much! This method helps with relieving mild fear and anxiety. Since it’s a gas, it is flushed out of your system before you leave your appointment. The use of Xanax can be helpful in reducing overall anxiety and its symptoms of high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat that a lot of patient’s experience coming to the dentist. It acts relatively quickly and helps to curb your fear and let you get through an appointment.

A higher level of sedation is the use of oral medication to make you feel sleepy and forgetful. This is called oral conscious sedation (OCS). You’re very sleepy but still conscious with the use of these medications, and you won’t remember much of your time at the dental office! You’ll be monitored the entire time by Dr. Reiser and trained professionals. She’ll also make sure you’re a good candidate by checking your medical history and ensuring all questions are answered prior to your OCS appointment. This lasts a LONG time and is helpful, so we can get a lot of work done, however this is also the downfall as someone will have to stay with you at home and help you for 12-24 hours!

The next level after OCS is the use of medication that goes directly into your bloodstream through an IV. This is commonly used in oral surgeon offices and has a fast onset, and relatively fast recovery when compared to oral sedation. Although you are still conscious and can breathe on your own, you are less likely to be moving around during treatment when some unpleasant stimuli occur. For some people this can mean the sound or smells won’t be bothersome at all!

The highest level of sedation involves the use of the hospital operating room and is a deep sedation where no level of consciousness is maintained. This means that you need to have a tube to help you breathe, and a highly specialized team to provide the dental care.  This sedation is typically to help those that are mentally compromised.

How might dental visits be better for those that are afraid to keep up with dental care and regular visits? Sedation dentistry may be something to consider with Dr. Elizabeth Reiser-Loeber, General Dentist and is offered in our Plainfield, IL office,  Anew Dental and Orthodontic, LLC. Dr. Reiser offers Xanax and oral conscious sedation to adults over 18.  Please request a consultation appointment with Dr. Reiser by calling 815-577-9900 to find out what option is best for you.  She is looking forward to making your next visit to the dentist a relaxing one.


Consider Clear Aligners Instead of Braces for Your Teen

clear aligners.

Your teenager is about to take a big step toward better health and a more attractive appearance — orthodontic treatment. You both know the benefits: better chewing function, lower risk of dental disease, and, of course, a straighter and more beautiful smile.

But your teen might also dread the next couple of years of wearing braces. And it’s hard to blame them: although they’re effective, wearing braces restricts eating certain snacks and foods, they require extra time and effort for brushing and flossing, and they’re often uncomfortable to wear. And of high importance to a teenager, they may feel embarrassed to wear them.

But over the last couple of decades a braces alternative has emerged: clear aligners. This form of bite correction requires fewer food restrictions, allows greater ease in hygiene, and is considered more attractive than braces. In fact, most observers won’t notice them when a wearer smiles.

Clear aligners are a series of clear plastic trays created by computer that are worn in a certain sequence. During wear each tray exerts pressure on the teeth to gradually move them in the desired direction. The patient wears a single tray for two weeks and then changes to the next tray in the sequence, which will be slightly different than the previous tray. At the end of the process, the teeth will have been moved to their new positions.

Clear aligners aren’t appropriate for all bite problems. When they are, though, they offer a couple of advantages over braces. Unlike braces, a wearer can remove the aligner to brush and floss their teeth or for rare, special or important social occasions. And, of course, their appearance makes them less likely to cause embarrassment while wearing them.

In recent years, design improvements have increased the kinds of bites aligners can be used to correct. For example, they now often include “power ridges,” tiny features that precisely control the amount and direction of pressure applied to the teeth. They’ve also become thinner and more comfortable to wear.

If you’re interested in clear aligners as a treatment option, talk with your orthodontist about whether your teen is a good candidate. If so, they could make orthodontic treatment for achieving a more attractive and healthy smile less of an ordeal.

If you would like more information on clear aligners as an orthodontic option, please contact us by calling (815) 741-1700 for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Clear Aligners for Teens.”

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics, PC

Ten great reasons why patients are choosing Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics, PC to care for their oral health:

  1. Rarely a need for an outside referral because the majority of specialists are within the practice.
  2. Accept and are in network with most insurance providers and accept many discount plans.
  3. Staff that goes out of there way for the patients to help make patients comfortable.
  4. Offer a variety of locations and extending office hours for your convenience.
  5. High-tech, up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology equipment to give you an accurate diagnosis.
  6. Great hygiene experience and excellent patient care with every hygienist.
  7. Office is very accommodating to our patients and we truly care about our patients.
  8. Our offices and staff are very dynamic and can accommodate almost every dental need.
  9. Offers an on-site denture lab at one of the locations to expedite repairs.
  10. Doctors provide the highest quality care to each and every patient.