Raquel Kid
19:32 16 Nov 18
The staff was absolutely amazing while delivering exceptional service. Dr. Wilson went above and beyond to ensure he fully explained details of my needed procedure. I would highly recommend this dental office.
Jenna Wardzala
00:32 07 Nov 18
Dr Abdul Dave is very efficient and conservative. I have bad anxiety and he worked with me. I will definitely be seeing him again. And Kathy is a great assistant. Very kind.
Stephanie Effort
19:11 06 Nov 18
Advanced Dental is very thorough and the hygenist and dentist are excellent communicators! I look forward to my dentist appts and that is a PLUS coming from me! Office is clean and modern as well as colorful. Thanks for a job well done.👍🏼
Tamika Moore
02:44 02 Nov 18
I always have a pleasant experience at Advanced Family Dental. The work I come for gets completed, staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Since most patients are scared when they come to the dentist, the staff eases their fears.
Kevin Morgan
00:03 19 Oct 18
I had a tooth removed that had been broke for a long time. Started to bother me and the front desk staff was super ingetting me an appointment very quickly. These people are very friendly and helpful
Laura Fronczek
20:04 18 Oct 18
Knowledgeable staff and friendly. Great service
Dotwan Comb
16:47 18 Oct 18
Great Job really excellent service and the staff is great too
Cyndi Raymond
17:18 28 Sep 18
It's very nice and clean place.the employee are always helpful and understanding.they only have problems with telephone calls back .soo I always go in person to talk to them.they are very professional and I would recommend them to anybody.
Joe Gonzalez
16:47 26 Sep 18
Have been going here for almost a year and had moderate customer service. But 2 visits with Dayna Mazurek and she has raised the standards and goes out of her way for her customers and company.
Pamela Watson
17:50 10 Jul 18
Friendly staff. Great service. Highly recommended!!!
Brenda Delgado
20:59 18 Jun 18
Advance Family And Orthodontics was one of my best experiences. This office is very clean and organized, the personnel is very professional and informative. Hygienist Dayna Mazurek is awesome!!! She was caring, understanding and ecucated me about different types of toothpastes that will benefit me. She had spoken to me in a way I was able to understand, the cleaning was fantastic!!! I barely felt any discomfort at all and that to me is very important. I highly recommend her because she goes beyond her work, she is very good at what she does and her work is amazing. Thanks to her I was able to understand sensitivity, dry mouth and grinding my teeth. Thanks Dayna keep up your good work.
Michele Krohe
03:07 25 Jan 18
Thank you, to Dr Wilson and Denise for always make my time in the dentist chair a little easier. When I have discomfort, they make it better. You both are friendly and have great warm smiles. I was glad to see Karina, it had been awhile. I missed seeing her smiling friendly face. Karina is always helpful. Thank you, Wendy for helping me with everything when I am finshed with my visit. Great job guys and you do it with a smile! 😀
Jeffrey Bickford
00:22 19 Jan 18
I had my first appointment a few days ago , the front desk girls were awesome. The Dr was friendly and very professional. I spoke with two dental assistants who were fantastic . They then sent me to Dana who cleaned my teeth and she was very patient and caring . Best cleaning I ever had, hands down! Highly recommend this place!
Robin T
02:58 11 Dec 17
A few years ago, I stumbled upon Advanced Family Dental. Since then they have been the place to go for any ache or pains of the mouth, because they know just what to do! The moment you walk in you are greeted by their staff full of friendly faces. Speedy service, home vibes, as you wait they have comfortable chairs, magazines, and television for entertainment. I always recommend you get your dental service from the following: Dayna, Denise, or Dr. Wilson. They are the best and very well informed, educated, and passionate employees on staff. They are there to make sure your visit goes smoothly. If you are looking for a dentist near you, you should definitely check them out.
Jasmine M.
19:52 26 Oct 17
The five stars are specifically for the Hygienist Dana at the Frankfort location. This was my second visit this year for a cleaning, and out of all the cleanings I have ever had in my life, this one, by far, was the best. Dana was professional, kind and respectful from start to finish. When she would need for me to move my head a certain way, she always said it politely and kind, "Please turn your head to the left." When I would, she always said, "Thank you." In addition, she was so friendly, I literally felt like she was my best friend for years! She was very thorough in cleaning my teeth, and she even flossed them! During my first visit some months ago, the hygienist left the grimy stuff in my mouth and I had to ask for water. Not with Dana! I started not to come back because of that minor incident, but I'm so glad I did come back. She used the water pressure tool to wash away the grim AND asked if I felt anything. When I told her I did, she used the tool again AND asked if I still felt anything. I have been going to the wrong dentists and hygienists in the past because I have never been treated like this. She even measured my teeth-- all things I've never had done, but after receiving such amazing treatment, I have to go back! You know, they say once you get good service, you go back for more. I can guarantee you I will be back, and I even made sure Dana and Dr. Wilson will be my hygienist and dentist on my next visit. My appointment has already been booked so you better book yours as well before you have to wait a year to see these two wonderful souls! Dr. Wilson, I will not leave you out! You, too, were very kind and professional. The two women at the front desk were also very pleasant and kind! I speak so highly of Dana because as a young woman, it's very hard to find nice and respectful young women, so Dana, THANK YOU! Please stay the way you are because it will take you very very far! It was such a pleasure! Please do not leave because if you do, so will I. I am definitely looking forward to coming back in May 2018!
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