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How 3D Cone Beam Imaging is Transforming Your Dental Treatment!

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3D Cone Beam Imaging is allowing your dentist to assess, diagnose, and treat your oral health issues like never before. This groundbreaking technology provides a full 3D scan of both your bone and soft tissues simultaneously for more precise treatment planning. Not only is this technology incredibly accurate, it is also non-invasive and pain-free! With 3D Cone Beam Imaging, we at Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics can provide you with the best possible care.

What is 3D Cone Beam Imaging?

3D Cone Beam Imaging is an innovative x-ray scanning technology that gives your dentist the ability to see your teeth, soft tissues, and even nerve pathways with ease. This system creates a three-dimensional image of your oral cavity to give your dentist a clear and detailed view of these structures at any angle.

How does 3D Cone Beam Imaging help you?

This technology has radically transformed the way your dentist gains information about your oral health. We use this system to more accurately visualize the structures in your oral cavity, diagnose underlying issues, and create a treatment plan that suits your needs. With this 3D imaging, we can see detect fractures, TMJ disorders, and even extra canals that would otherwise be more difficult to see with a normal scan. 3D Cone Beam Imaging has drastically changed the accuracy and level of detail your dentist can see in an x-ray scan.

What are common uses of 3D Cone Beam Imaging?

Cone Beam Imaging is particularly beneficial for the treatment of orthodontic issues. It is also extremely beneficial for complex cases including surgical planning for impacted teeth and oral reconstruction, and is a diagnostic tool for TMJ disorders, jaw tumors, and pain. This technology also allows your dentist to evaluate your bone structure, tooth orientation, jaw, sinuses, nasal cavity, and nerve canals. It can even help to confirm the accurate placement of dental implants. All in all, this technology provides a wide array of benefits for your oral health care.

Is there anything I should be aware of before my appointment?

There is little to no special preparation required prior to getting your scan. You will want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. You should also avoid wearing any metal objects such as jewelry, glasses, hair pins, or underwire garments. If you are pregnant, be sure to notify your dentist before the procedure. Fortunately, you will not experience any pain from the scan and can resume your normal activities after your appointment. Your dentist, radiologist, or oral surgeon will analyze the results and discuss them with you directly.

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