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The Basics on Braces: Everything You Need to Know About This Orthodontic Treament

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Oftentimes, furthering our health and achieving a physical goal can go hand in hand. You may lose weight to be healthier, but no one will deny the added confidence boost that comes with a smaller waistline. Sometimes we opt for a salad for dinner both because we know it will do our body more good than a burger, but we’ll happily take that extra ease of mind that we won’t have to work it off at the gym tomorrow morning. You’ll find this same concept can apply to your oral health as well! Did you know that the health of your teeth and mouth can also coincide with cosmetic benefits? Many people think of procedures like orthodontic braces as purely cosmetic. While it is true that a straighter smile will do wonders for your confidence, there are also important medical reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment! If you’d like to learn more about the basics of braces and how they work to change your smile and oral health, keep reading to learn a bit more!

How do they work?

You’ve probably got a good mental image as to what braces look like, but have you ever wondered how those wires and brackets work to help straighten out your teeth? The answer is simple: pressure! The wires connecting the braces use pressure to help coerce your teeth into new, straighter positions over the course of weeks, months, and years. The brackets act mostly as stabilizing agents to hold it all in place. The stuff that you can see when you open your mouth is only half the story, however. There is a second half of your tooth below your gum line, anchoring your teeth into your jaw. The pressure from your braces will help to make space in periodontal membrane as well, so your entire tooth can shift into its new, straighter position.

How do they help?

The biggest universal bonus of braces is a straighter, more aesthetically appealing smile. Anyone who undergoes orthodontic treatment will find themselves with a more even, symmetrical smile and a boost of confidence. Outside of the cosmetic and mental benefits from having a straight smile, braces can help correct or avoid various other oral health problems as well! People who have over- or underbites can have the issue corrected with braces, helping them to chew better and to alleviate some speech impediments. Braces can also help with overcrowding, moving teeth to fit more evenly in the jaw which will alleviate pain and also allow for easier chewing. Additionally, simply wearing braces will also help increase the strength of your teeth in the same way exercising your muscles will! The pressure applied to teeth from braces encourages cell growth and leads to greater bone density.

If you or your child are thinking about orthodontic work, it’s never too early to call and have some questions answered! Braces are great for patients of any age and can lead to a happier, healthier life.

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