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The Benefits of Flossing

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There are certain things that we all know we ought to be doing, but in reality, we accomplish less frequently than we’d like to admit. Going to the gym, cutting back on sugar, and actively reading are all things many people would like to be more mindful about, but often overlook. For a lot of us, flossing fits squarely in this category. But just as skipping the gym will have consequences over time, forgetting to floss will cause damage to your health if you aren’t careful. If you’ve ever wondered about the “why” behind the instructions from your dentist to floss daily, read on to learn a bit more.

Flossing Cuts Down on Plaque

Brushing your teeth is a main defense against the buildup of plaque and bacteria on your teeth, but flossing takes your hygiene game to the next level. Your toothbrush’s bristles can’t reach every spot on your teeth, and floss helps to get in the tough to reach between spaces to lift out the plaque and bits of food that become lodged between them. A buildup of plaque is what eventually leads to tooth decay and cavities, so being sure to remove all of it is essential in helping to prevent complications.

The Benefits Reach Beyond Your Mouth

Recent research has shown that people who floss regularly lead overall healthier lives, and that there is a direct link between flossing and lower rates of heart disease. Researchers believe this is because regularly removing bacteria from anywhere in the body causes a lower rate of infection, and infections introduce inflammatory agents into the bloodstream that can increase the likelihood of blood clots and restrict blood flow to the heart.

A Main Defense Against Gingivitis

At any given moment roughly one in eight people is suffering from gum disease in America, helping to make it one of the most common diseases around. Flossing regularly dramatically reduces the chances of developing gingivitis, an inflammatory gum condition which eventually leads to gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other irreversible damage.

It Costs Less in The Long Run

Sure, dental floss is a small added expense to your monthly drugstore bill, but the investment is worth it over time. Because regular flossers experience fewer dental issues than those who don’t floss, you’ll be saving yourself the expense of fillings, root canals, and other treatments down the line. Additionally, there is no price tag for the added health benefits to both your mouth and overall physical health that flossing brings!

If you’ve been skipping out on flossing, it’s never too late to incorporate this healthy practice into your daily routine. While your gums may be sensitive at first, over time flossing will get easier and feel better and better.

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