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What are Dental Crowns? Your Questions Answered!

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Having a healthy and normally functioning mouth is easy to take for granted when things are feeling normal. The second something changes, however, the pain or distraction of a toothache or chipped tooth can be almost too much to bear. When a tooth is lost or cracked, it can lead to discomfort and a feeling that things are just off in your mouth. Fortunately, there are ways for your dentist to help you get your mouth back to feeling normal! Alongside routine cleanings and cavity fillings, having a dental crown placed or restored are among the most common dental procedures that dentists perform every day.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are generally made of porcelain or composite resin, though they can be made of gold or other metals. They are custom-formed caps that are placed over the naturally occurring outer surface of the tooth and used to restore teeth that are cracked, severely decayed, or damaged in another way. The crown is custom-designed and fitted to fully encase the exposed part of the tooth that is damaged, restoring structure and preventing further damage.

When are dental crowns needed?

A crown can be used to perform many important functions. Alongside fixing cracked or decayed teeth, they help strengthen and protect weak teeth, prevent cracked teeth from further damage, support teeth that have particularly large fillings, and they can also help to hold bridges in place. The essential function of a crown is to help restore structure to a damaged tooth or teeth. If a tooth is damaged, misshapen, or otherwise impaired, a crown is almost always the most effective way at fixing it. Once a crown is placed, it will last for years and look seamlessly like one of your natural teeth, restoring your smile back to the way it was before the damage occurred!

How exactly do they work?

A dental crown works much like a helmet does—it is a hard and durable protective layer that fits over the sensitive area of your tooth and helps to prevent damage. Whatever material your crown is constructed of will be strong and durable, allowing this new surface to function in the same way your natural tooth would have. They are specifically designed to endure the chewing and grinding of teeth, and many last for decades. Because crowns are designed to be as permanent as possible, it’s important to think of your new crown as part of your tooth and treat it with the same care and attention you do your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing around the crown will keep it clean and healthy and help promote your overall oral health.

A dental crown is a small procedure that can go a long way in helping fix your oral health needs! If you have a tooth that you think could benefit from having a crown placed, or if you simply would like to have your oral health evaluated by your dentist, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a visit!

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