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What is Improving for Dental Patients in 2020?

Dental Patients in 2020

In 2020, dental practices will want a head start on the competition. We’ve compiled data on 3 trends that will change for dental patients in 2020. Here’s how the main dental health trends in 2020 you should know about will affect patient services.

Convenience is King for Dental Patients in 2020

There is no doubt that convenience has become the biggest trend in dentistry. Modern-day patients want to receive help when they need it and talk to their dentist directly. Convenience can also mean having an online portal that lets patients ask questions and schedule appointments online. You will appreciate filling out paperwork when they can in their free time. Convenience involves allowing our patients to pay mobile or online. Extended office hours will allow them to come in when they want, like after work or on weekends.

While convenience for patients often comes at the expense of our own, this is an effort Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics is willing to make.

Website maintenance and call tracking are crucial to providing convenience. Both of these help empower patients to manage their dental health.

Maintain Trust

Erosion of trust has become a tendency in the US with the vast majority of Americans distrusting authority figures in politics and the media. Some of that distrust has extended to dentists and other healthcare providers. This study by Pew showed politics played a key role in how the public perceived scientists and in the extent to which they trusted them.

A lot of people avoid going to the dentist. They are concerned they might not be able to afford treatment or are not sure insurance will cover it. Others just never overcame their childhood fear. We retain old patients and win over new ones by demonstrating that we are trustworthy and experienced.

Emphasizing the Patient Experience

In the US, there is an interesting paradox: despite the pressing need to fill gaps in dental health, competition in the industry is cutthroat. Overcrowding in certain areas means dentists work on really tight schedules. They have to see a lot of patients. Some practices have shifted their focus to create a special experience. This helps them stand out from their competitors.

We never underestimate the importance of differentiating our practice from other practices in the area. We tailor additional services and perks to our patients. Our family dentists focus on services to help caregivers prioritize children’s dental hygiene. Advanced Family Dental & Orthodontics encourages measures like making the waiting room children-friendly and adding video content in it. A combination of educational and entertainment content for patients of different ages is best.

We encourage measures like giving patients extra time to discuss their treatment and/or dental history at a very moderate additional cost. This could be an element of a bigger concierge service package.

Final Thoughts on Our Dental Patients in 2020

Last but not least, we recommend creating a system to notify patients when you’re running late. They will definitely appreciate this because it means less time spent in your waiting room.

We hope you found this information about what is improving for dental patients in 2020 interesting. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Crest Hill. We also have offices in Frankfort, Lockport, and Shorewood. Call to make an appointment today!

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