4 Common Dental Care Mistakes You Could Be Making

Your dental hygiene routine is like second nature to you, right? You brush twice per day, floss every night, and even use mouthwash. However, you might not realize that there are a few common dental care mistakes that many people make on a regular basis! To make sure you’re keeping your oral health in great … Continued

What is Bruxism? 5 Things You Should Know

Have you been waking with jaw pain? Do you experience popping sounds when you open your mouth, or even have more frequent headaches? Has your partner complained about your mouth making grinding or squeaking sounds throughout the night? If so, the term “bruxism” may have popped up during a quick Google search. Here are five … Continued

How Smoking Impacts Your Oral Health

It is no surprise that smoking causes damage to your lungs and heart, but did you know that it can greatly affect your oral health as well? Here are just a few of the ways that smoking cigarettes can cause harm to your teeth, tongue, and gums. Smoking increases your risk of tooth decay. More … Continued

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