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What is Improving for Dental Patients in 2020?

In 2020, dental practices will want a head start on the competition. We’ve compiled data on 3 trends that will change for dental patients in 2020. Here’s how the main dental health trends in 2020 you should know about will affect patient services. Convenience is King for Dental Patients in 2020 There is no doubt … Continued

What are Dental Crowns? Your Questions Answered!

Having a healthy and normally functioning mouth is easy to take for granted when things are feeling normal. The second something changes, however, the pain or distraction of a toothache or chipped tooth can be almost too much to bear. When a tooth is lost or cracked, it can lead to discomfort and a feeling … Continued

Why Do We Get Canker Sores?

Are you part of the 20% of people that has experienced canker sores? If so, then you understand how much these small, round sores on your inner cheeks, tongue, lips, or gums can impact your daily activities. Speaking becomes more difficult. Chewing your food becomes painful. It can be quite miserable! Unfortunately, scientists don’t know … Continued

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